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Migrants may wait as long as 56 years to bring family to Australia

Migrant advocates have voiced outrage and disbelief as it emerged wait times for some Australian family reunion visas are now up to 56 years.

At Senate Estimates last week, a representative from Immigration and Visa Services confirmed the average wait times for various classes the visas. 

First assistant secretary Peta Dunn told the hearing 75 per cent of partner applications take between 14 and 21 months to be processed and 75 per cent of child applications are processed in 10 and 12 months.

Contributory parents, or those who can pay a $47,455 fee, need to wait on average 45 months.

But the average wait time for non-contributory parents is more than 30 years and “other family” is up to 56 years.

There are currently 49,983 non-contributory parent applications and 8,111 “other family” applications on hand.

As you will no doubt have concluded from the above wait times, there is unfortunately a chance that some more elderly relatives may not live to receive find out the answer from the Department of Immigration.

These wait times are the ‘worst case scenario’ and many other visa types get through the system far more quickly. If you are considering a permanent move to Australia, or need any visa advise do not hesitate to contact our team and we would be delighted to assist you.

Read the full article on non-contributory family visa wait times here. Source, SBS


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