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How the coronoavirus is affecting students studying in Australia

As many are already aware, the impact of the coronavirus on non-citizens (or residents) of Australia has been significant, with visas being cancelled and travel restrictions implemented. But what about the wider picture? What about Chinese students studying in Australia?

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald:

The university regulator will relax its rules on attendance and online content to help the sector cope with the impact of coronavirus on its lucrative international student market ,which is facing its toughest conditions in years.

Phil Honeywood, the chair of a global taskforce set up to co-ordinate the sector’s response to the health crisis warned the virus could have a “massive potential impact “on the third biggest industry in NSW, worth $39 billion a year nationally” It will be interesting to see whether the coronavirus features in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal decisions at some future date.

Below are 3 tribunal decisions on cancellation of business visas where the SARS virus was one of the factors blamed by the appellants for not having been able to comply with obligations in respect of business visas:

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