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Trump suspends foreign work visas amid the downturn

Hopefully we have a Prime Minister here in Australia who is capable of seeing ‘the bigger picture’ and is aware of the essential need for foreign skilled workers in the long-term – unlike President Trump whom it seems who is soon to sign an executive order suspending foreign work visas during the downturn. The restrictions would block entry into the United States under the H-1B visa program for high-skilled workers, and would also affect several other categories of visas.
The order, which has been expected for several weeks, is fiercely opposed by a broad swath of businesses — including high tech companies in Silicon Valley, manufacturers, and others — who say it will block their ability to recruit critically needed workers from overseas countries for jobs that Americans are not willing or capable of performing.
Yes we currently have restrictions here in Australia and we have seen many stories of temporary workers separated from their families but these extreme measures are surely just down right foolish? Would you agree?

Source: The New York Times