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Long distance love affairs – a Valentine’s day special

Happy Valentine’s Day! In an attempt to bring some warmth and love into the world – something that it seems fairly devoid of it at the moment, we wanted to bring you (from The Age) some love stories that have a migration focus (since that is what we do here at TranQuill Legal after all!). …

Coronavirus lockdown: Hundreds fear for Australian permanent residency outcomes

According to a recent article published on the SBS Dateline website, migration agents say they’ve been flooded with calls from Chinese nationals who are worried their Australian visas could expire or become invalid, while they’re locked out of the country. A hopeful PR applicant, Lara Huang, hadn’t been home for three years when she made …

China-US Trade affecting Chinese H1-B visas

Liek Australia, the US talented visa programme (H1-B visas) employees have 60 days (OZ used to be 90 days) to find a new job, but unlike Australia the US enforces a requirement to obtain the new H1-B visa – after which they have to leave the country. Hopefully our big brother doesnt take as long …

Birth tourism – US Many countries discourage pregnant women from travelling to them, because they are (rightly) concerned that the family will try to claim citizenship for the newborn. This is because some countries grant automatic citizenship (such as the US). Australia only grants citizenship to newborns if one of the parents is a citizen or permanent resident.

Punjabis – economic refugees

Singapore and Japan best passports to hold

Wooden Boats

Kim Huynh is an ANU lecturer and ABC Radio Canberra presenter. He is also a personal friend of Bronwyn, our double-speed RMA. Here he talks about wooden boats.

Tourist visas in US

The Chinese claim the US is playing games. The Conference organizers say the Chinese took too long to provide the attendance lists and so they couldn’t organize the visas in time.

Perth and Gold Coast now categorized as ‘regional areas’ to entice skilled migrants

Skilled migrants are now being encouraged to move to Perth and the Gold Coast as the Federal Government grapples with congestion in Australia’s three biggest cities. For the first time, the two destinations will be added to the list of locations migrants can move to on a regional visa. Immigration Minister David Coleman denied it …

For female migrant victims of family violence, their visa holder can often be their abuser

A new report has found migrant women on temporary visas who experience family violence are often left to suffer in silence because of fears they will be deported if they seek help. They’re some of the most vulnerable members of the community: Women, newly-arrived in Australia, who find themselves the victims of family violence. And …