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International students will not be returning to Australia in July

Disappointment for students as Canberra has indefinitely postponed its ‘Safe Passage’ pilot program to bring international students back into the country until there is a “clearer picture around the COVID-19 trajectory.” The two state-owned universities in the Australian Capital Territory which are jointly initiating the country’s first pilot have announced that they have postponed the …

Australian visas: What’s changing from July 1 and impact on international students and skilled migrants

After a tumultuous year of immigration policy changes enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic, international students, skilled migrants, partners and aged parents seeking to visit or to permanently migrate are heading into the next financial year facing an uncertain future “like never before.” General Skilled migration: All jurisdictions usually adjust their occupation lists to accommodate the …

The most common reasons for Australian permanent residency rejection

Every three minutes someone gains permanent residency in Australia but every year more than 40,000 are rejected. What are the top reasons for rejection?  Here are the most common reasons for refusal of Australian permanent residency Violating visa conditions: It may include a student who has worked too many hours, a student who does not …

Trump suspends foreign work visas amid the downturn

Hopefully we have a Prime Minister here in Australia who is capable of seeing ‘the bigger picture’ and is aware of the essential need for foreign skilled workers in the long-term – unlike President Trump whom it seems who is soon to sign an executive order suspending foreign work visas during the downturn. The restrictions …

Hopes of family reunion confirmed and then dashed

When the Department of Home Affairs make ‘clerical errors’ that cause heartbreak to families, especially during these incredibly difficult times, it is so disappointing. Really feel for this family who had 10 minutes of joy only for their hopes of a reconciliation be dashed just as quickly. Read the full story from SBS here:

How the search for an out-of-print book led a refugee to build a hit publishing company

Another ‘good news’ story from a refugee to Australia. Hard work, a positive attitude and a bit of luck create some great stories and this is one of those. Read more here:

Know what to expect from an Immigration Health Examination

Are you or your loved ones due to have an Immigration Health Examination soon but you are worried about what to expect? This short video from BUPA can help explain things for you:

International students could return to Australia next month if states open their borders

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told states they must open their borders to Australians, before they can accept international students. Some international students could be allowed to return to Australia on a “pilot basis” as soon as next month but only if states agree to open their borders, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced. Addressing …

Just what we need – a good news story for a change

When it seems there is only sadness and negativity in the press, it is so heart-warming to read a ‘good news’ story. The kindness of strangers can be overwhelming sometimes. Well done to the good Samaritans of Canberra! Read the full article here –


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