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Category: General interest

Over a thousand Indian students stripped of their visas in 2019

Thousands of international students had their visas cancelled last year for a number of reasons, including for providing false documents and non-compliance with visa conditions. Students from India accounted for over 1,100 cancellations, behind those from China and South Korea, according to the Department of Home Affairs. Indian national Lovepreet Singh was stripped of his …

Lack of rural GPs becoming a real problem

The government has been trying, using various means, to encourage skilled workers to move away from the most congested Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and re-locate to more rural settings but is it working? It seems probably not, as this article from the ABC suggests:

Immigration boosts house prices – new survey reveals

New migrants moving to capital cities and major regional centres are helping to boost house prices by as much as $6500 each year, a new study has revealed. In cities where the new migrant population grew by 1 per cent each year, house prices likewise rose by 0.9 per cent, according to the study titled The Impact of …

What would happen if we randomly gave $1,000 to poor families? Now we know.

What happens to one of the world’s poorest places if you randomly pick more than 10,000 poor families out of an eligible pool and give them $1,000 each, no strings attached? It sounds like a plan some mad scientist might hatch, but no: It was actually a group of researchers from the University of California …