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Birth tourism – US Many countries discourage pregnant women from travelling to them, because they are (rightly) concerned that the family will try to claim citizenship for the newborn. This is because some countries grant automatic citizenship (such as the US). Australia only grants citizenship to newborns if one of the parents is a citizen or permanent resident.

Punjabis – economic refugees

Singapore and Japan best passports to hold

Wooden Boats

Kim Huynh is an ANU lecturer and ABC Radio Canberra presenter. He is also a personal friend of Bronwyn, our double-speed RMA. Here he talks about wooden boats.

Tourist visas in US

The Chinese claim the US is playing games. The Conference organizers say the Chinese took too long to provide the attendance lists and so they couldn’t organize the visas in time.

What would happen if we randomly gave $1,000 to poor families? Now we know.

What happens to one of the world’s poorest places if you randomly pick more than 10,000 poor families out of an eligible pool and give them $1,000 each, no strings attached? It sounds like a plan some mad scientist might hatch, but no: It was actually a group of researchers from the University of California …

Contract cheating in Australian universities

In an article published this week by SBS News, a world of illicit ghost-writing across Australian universities has come to light. Ghost writers, often from China, are assisting international students with poor English with their essay writing, many claiming a ‘100% pass rate with zero risk of discovery’. What is the Australian government doing to …

Big driver licence change for international students, visa holders

I wonder – will any of the following regulations come in to force in the ACT any time soon? What do you think about these new laws? New road safety regulations in Victoria could leave many temporary visa holders, including foreign students, unable to drive using their overseas licence if they do not get a …

New Humans of Australia

Please note – we are not affiliated with the organisation ‘New Humans of Australia’ in any way and are not being paid to promote their work, but we do feel this a worthy cause and the stories are very interesting. Here is just one such story about the horrors people go through to try and …

Lure of cities too strong for regional Australia to keep migrants

Over four decades, country towns have mostly failed to retain migrants, according to the most comprehensive snapshot of Australian migration ever collated. And this trend of migrants moving to the cities appears to be increasing, despite repeated government efforts to make life in the regions more appealing. Professor James Raymer, who led a team of …